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Wm. David Sloan

Editorial Board

David Bulla                Elisabeth Fondren             Bernell Tripp

Erin Coyle                Thomas A. Mascaro       Debra van Tuyll

Bruce Evensen          Leonard Ray Teel                  Yong Volz

Editorial Purpose

This journal publishes essays dealing with the study of mass communication history and of history in general. (It does not publish articles about historical events, episodes, people, etc., as one finds in, for example, historical research papers.)


Essays may be original ones written specifically for this journal, or they may be from material that the authors already have (such as classroom lectures, AJHA presidential addresses, etc.).

    Essay length may vary from 500 to 5,000 words.

    To submit an essay for consideration, email a Word file to the editor at historiography.jmc@gmail.com

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    Your essay will include a copyright notice that you are its owner. However, you must agree that your essay may be used in accord with the journal’s Terms of Use.